Tuesday, August 7, 2018

What I Believe About Writing by Christie Wyman

As a novice writer, I am working towards establishing a writing habit, and pondering how to keep my writing momentum going. This process has me thinking about my writing beliefs.

I believe the key to maintaining writing momentum involves...well...believing. Believing in myself, in my writing, in the process, in the product, in the message, in the possibility of sharing my work occasionally.

I believe I have thoughts and ideas that are worth preserving and in some cases sharing. Perhaps in sharing them, they’ll be found. A reader might agree or disagree. Maybe they’ll even identify with them or not. Maybe they’ll learn something new or have their interest peaked.

I believe input and even support from an occasional reader or fellow writer will buoy me and my work during struggles and celebrations.

I believe to thrive as a writer I must live. Without life’s experiences -- the good and the bad -- the creative well runs dry. As Henry David Thoreau wisely said,
“Methinks that the moment my legs begin to move my thoughts begin to flow…”

I believe  I can be inspired by big things like world events, small things like the Monarch spotted in my garden, and everything between.

I believe to maintain my momentum it is important for me to write because I want to write, not because I have to write.

I believe writing isn’t something to do secretly. The process is certainly private, but not secret. My students should see me write and read or listen to my writing. It’s all right for my family, friends, and colleagues to know I write.

I believe in making space for writing in my life now, in the summer, while life is moving at a slower pace. With luck, the habit will remain during life’s busier times.

I believe that writing is now part of my life, not an addition to my life.

I believe the pen just needs to keep moving and the pages need to keep turning.

Christie Wyman is a Kindergarten teacher and Grade Leader in Massachusetts, as well as a Lead Ambassador for Wonderopolis.org. When not nurturing her young writer/naturalists, she enjoys exploring vernal pools, marveling at the birds at her feeders, and hiking with her husband wherever mountains meet the sea. You can connect with Christie on Twitter @WymansWonders or on her blog, Wondering and Wandering, where she posts twice-weekly for both the Slice of Life and Poetry Friday communities. 


  1. I love the repetition of "I believe..." in your post. I believe in you, my friend. YOU are a writer. I believe you'll keep the momentum going. My favorite line is the final line, "I believe the pen just needs to keep moving and the pages need to keep turning."

  2. Thank you for all your support and encouragement, Michelle. This community keeps my momentum going!

  3. This is my favorite line: I believe that writing is now part of my life, not an addition to my life.

    Great post!

  4. I, too, believe in all of your beliefs! I just wish many others believed in them too. Thank you for writing with us this month.

  5. What a great post! I love this line: "I believe that writing is now part of my life, not an addition to my life." I so enjoy reading your writing and admire both what you write and your commitment to writing. You challenge yourself in ways that are inspiring!


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