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We need your voice here on the #TeachWrite Chat blog!

Our goal is to make the #TeachWrite Chat space a place where writers of all levels and abilities are welcome.

We are looking for guest contributors to submit a blog post that we can feature here on the #TeachWrite Chat blog.

Monthly Themes:
Each month we feature a different theme for our guest bloggers.

August 2018 = Maintaining Our Writing Momentum

Post guidelines:
  • As for the specific details for your post, please pay attention to the following guidelines:
    • Posts should be between 200-350 words
    • Adding pictures is great if you have them and have permission to use them
    • Please write your post as a Google doc and share it with us at this address: teachwritechat@gmail.com.  We are unable to accept posts that are submitted any other way, including as a Word document.
    • Paragraphs are important! They should be short. Writing for a blog post is a bit different than other kinds of writing we do. Readers find it easier to read a post with lots of paragraph breaks. When you submit, please double space between paragraphs. Do not indent. Thank you!
    • Be sure your post has been carefully edited and is ready for publication. We will do some minor edits if necessary but will return your post to you if it needs extensive work.
    • Don't forget a short bio which includes how people can find you socially if they want to add you to their PLN. (Twitter handle, blog address, etc.). Your bio should be written in 3rd, not 1st, person POV. (Check out the blog to see how others have done it.)
    • We will not publish posts that contain self-promotion (i.e. trying to sell something) or that are off topic.
    • Once your post is published, we'd love it if you would share it on your social media. We will tag you when we share it on ours.

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